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Useful & Informative Links to Tuesday January 31st 2012

Posted by Pamela Taylor on Monday, January 23, 2012, In : Links I Like That You Might Like Too 


Occupy DC - cops taser protester in PJ's - via Casey

 The Indigenous Leadership Network Victoria
Oz Atheist convention =

Astronomy Podcast = via Gordon McLeod

Is Julian Assange a Trade Deal? & Julian Assange: Gillard govt 'unaccountable'

Haryana conference on Humanism, Democracy and Culture
Facebook privacy news =
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Links I Found Useful & Informative to Tuesday January 24th 2012

Posted by Pamela Taylor on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, In : Links I Like That You Might Like Too 

 Short documentaries / Independent films = via Occupy Cairns
Internet Radio = Via Micaela Ward

Buckminster Fuller =

Sound Effects =

The Investigative Project on Terrorism = via Iraq War Veteran Jimmy Massey

Find out where your food really comes from and what's in it = via Occupy Cairns

Short videos that make se...
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Links I Found Useful & Infotaining This Week (To Tuesday January 17th 2012)

Posted by Pamela Taylor on Thursday, January 12, 2012, In : Links I Like That You Might Like Too 
Why are there so many more links this week than there were last week you ask?  

Because some people read last weeks' post and have deliberately shared more with me, so that I may re-share them here!  <3 !

Girl Scouts USA now allow transgender members =  <3 
Masturbation = abortion in the Philippines =
Vegan recipes =
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Rather than posting links that I think others might like as much as I do throughout the week, I am only posting those that are time sensitive as I go, & the rest I am listing here and posting together so as to cut back on "Pam-Spam" and also to create a searchable archive that one can find these useful links in at a later date.

 Other blogs that I recommend:

- Birgitta Jonsdottir = Icelandic MP & all around 
                                      kick-ass lady

- RevolutionTruth = kick-ass org fighting for your rights

- Pure Mango = random kewl shit

- Gregology =         ^           ^       ^

- Fiction Improbable = kewl fiction by GSMc

- The Bird's Brain = Dr Kiki stuff

- Joel Mark Harris = Independent Journalism

- Troy Hunt = Software & Technology

- Steve Umstead = Writer

- Ross Parisi = politician, farmer, student, astronomer,   
                           trivia buff

- Kevin Gosztola = civil liberties, wikileaks, occupy

- Dandelion Salad = random kewl shit

- ACLU = because freedom can't blog itself

- The Green Benches = Dr Eoin Clarke (Oz)


 Free Education Facilities:

- Khan Academy = almost everything you can think of

- MIT = a range of courses
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